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Belgium deconfines a hair’s breadth

Hairdressers and domestic tourism are the beneficiaries of a slight relaxation of anti-covid measures in the kingdom.


Hairdressers and domestic tourism are the beneficiaries of a slight relaxation of anti-covid measures in the kingdom.

From our correspondent Max HELLEFF (Brussels) – After several days of procrastination, a political agreement was finally reached on Friday for the reopening of hairdressers from Saturday February 13 “In strict compliance with protocols”. Other non-medical contact professions (beauty institutes, non-medical pedicure institutes, nail salons, massage parlors, barbers and tattoo / piercing parlors) will have to wait until March 1.

All of these professionals will be forced to wear the mask. Repetitive tests will be imposed on staff.

The reopening of hairdressing salons should bring a breath of fresh air to Belgian society. “Body care is an important factor which helps us to face a difficult situation” which will remain so during the coming months, explained Prime Minister Alexander De Croo.

In recent weeks, the fed up with the population has expressed itself on several occasions in the street. University studies have warned the political against the progression of certain mental pathologies and psychic suffering in the population. With the exception of Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke, most of the political leaders have campaigned publicly in recent days in favor of the resumption of hairdressers.

Belgium is therefore opening the valve somewhat, although its epidemiological situation remains fragile. “The average number of infections is stable despite the arrival of variants”, insisted Alexander De Croo while pleading for “a cautious approach”. A roadmap was requested from the experts in order to set the next stages of deconfinement, this time taking into account the results of the vaccination.

“If tomorrow we decide that the non-medical contact professions can reopen, it should not be seen as the announcement of a whole series of relaxations. The epidemiological situation simply does not allow it, ”warned the Prime Minister Thursday in the House.

It should also be noted that the houses located in holiday villages, bungalow parks and campsites will be able to reopen on February 8, therefore approaching Carnival. On February 13, it will be the turn of zoos to resume their activities under strict conditions. On the same day, real estate agencies will again be able to show the properties for which they are responsible.

Red zone = test

The great forgotten are the restaurants and cafes, forced to remain closed. The sector demonstrated on Friday, demanding in particular the opening of establishments no later than April 1. To escape the specter of bankruptcy, he is also asking for banking facilities and new public aid.

The test obligation for travelers coming from a red zone is extended to all children aged 6 and over. This applies both to the negative test before entering Belgian territory for non-residents and to the post-arrival test (s) for residents and non-residents.


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