Belgium orders 3 million vaccines from CureVac

Our country signed on Tuesday to the European purchase contract of the German vaccine maker CureVac. If the vaccine gets the green light, Belgium will buy 2.9 million doses.

CureVac signed a contract with the European Commission for 225 million doses last week with an option to purchase an additional 118 million. The member states must then let us know within five working days whether they will comply, and Belgium did so. At a meeting with all eight health ministers, it was decided to purchase 2.9 million doses if the vaccine is approved.

Fourth purchase contract

With that decision, Belgium is already on its fourth purchase contract. It previously subscribed for 7.7 million injections from AstraZeneca, 5.2 million vaccines from Johnson & Johnson and 5 million injections from Pfizer. The Pfizer vaccine is said to have an effectiveness of 95 percent, that of AstraZeneca 70 percent. No results have yet been announced for Johnson & Johnson and CureVac.

Europe also ordered 160 million vaccines from Moderna on Wednesday, which also claims to be able to guarantee 95 percent effectiveness. Again, Belgium will have five working days to decide whether the vaccines will also be available from us.


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