Below the belt: Elon Musk rails against Bill Gates

The Tesla CEO pulls on Twitter pretty level about the Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The reason is said to be a short position against Tesla.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Microsoft founder Bill Gates will probably no longer be friends. On Twitter, Elon Musk publicly poked fun at Bill Gates’ appearance, comparing him to a pregnant man’s emoji. The comparison was tagged with the level-headed comment, “In case you need to lose a hard-on fast.”

Afterwards, Musk insisted on subliminally throwing it at Twitter. The Tesla boss posted the image of the work of art “Guardians of Time” by the Austrian sculptor Manfred Kielnhofer and wrote: “The Shadowban Council is reviewing this tweet…”, alluding to an alleged curtailment of freedom of expression on Twitter.

Musk has been railing against the “Wokeness” movement for some time. As he recently said in his criticism of the Netflix streaming service:

A “shadow ban” on the Musk post would mean that other users would no longer be able to see the post or that it would no longer be suggested, but the creator would not be transparent about this procedure.

The reason for the trouble is said to be a massive short position against Tesla

The reason for Musk’s insulting manner against the Microsoft founder is said to be a previous chat between the two IT heavyweights. Gates wanted to talk to Musk about philanthropic ways to fight climate change, but Musk was a little displeased with Gates’ short position on Tesla.

A short position is short selling. The short seller assumes that the share price will fall and, if in doubt, buys it back at the perfect time, ideally just before the price rises again.

Gates: “7:20 a.m. on Wednesday, to be exact.”

Musk: “Great”

Gates: “Just landed.”

Musk: Cool

Musk: “Still half a billion dollars short on Tesla?”

Gates: “Unfortunately I have to say that I didn’t dissolve it.”

Gates: “I’d like to talk about philanthropic opportunities.”

Musk: “Sorry, but I can’t take your climate change philanthropy seriously when you have a massive short position on Tesla, the company that is making the biggest contribution to solving climate change.”

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