Berget Lewis lost 31 kilos: ‘starts with a different mindset’

Berget always called herself ‘fortunately heavy’, she says in the online magazine Fit at Home. “But in the meantime I did have high blood pressure. I thought: I can say that you have to embrace yourself, but if that makes you live ten years shorter. The alarm bell rang for Berget. The turning point for her was the realization that there is only one person like Berget himself. “There is only one copy. And that’s me. Then I thought: it must be different. “

Berget tried different diets and also lost quite a few pounds, “but the way was not good.” She lost weight quickly, says Berget. “But within a month it will all be back on track. I really robbed my body.”

Ultimately, the singer decided to learn more about what food does to you. “I started to learn about the effect that food has on my body,” says the artist. Berget learned about good and bad sugars in fruit, for example. Then the switch really turned. “I immediately noticed that things were getting better. I ate my vegetables, delicious with a chicken thigh. I actually ate small portions, with less carbohydrates, but which made you feel full. “

Berget has also started to exercise more. “Since corona I have been very fond of walking”, says Berget, who is less interested in the gym. “I do have a personal trainer, with whom I work twice a week.”

Berget has now lost 31 kilos and feels fantastic. “This year I will turn 50. I have no wrinkles, no dents and I am in shape.” The singer is very proud of that. “I think that is a great achievement of myself.”


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