Berlin fan “screwed up” because of Tesla Abitur, loses with shares – and now runs a bistro

He still absolutely wants a Tesla, but in order to be able to pay for it, Emil Senkel has now taken a completely different path: With early drone reports and computer drawings about the construction of the Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin, the Berliner almost became famous for a short time as “Tesla Boy”, as he himself reports. However, he neglected this and eventually “screwed up” his high school diploma, and also lost a lot of money with Tesla shares. Nevertheless, he is in the best of things today: Senkel has taken back the stock market capital, opened a bistro with it and a lot of his own work and is hoping for a Tesla Model 3 as a company car.

50% loss on Tesla stock

After half a year of radio silence, Senkel announced on Twitter this week that he went to restaurateurs at a young age, with a link to a professional video about the renovation and opening of his Seventeen suite in Berlin. When asked by, the former Tesla boy and still a fan told us more about how it came about.

And his story obviously and hopefully continues well, but in between it doesn’t sound pleasant. Because of the constant observation and documentation of the Tesla factory, he was not really into the matter at school, reports Senkel. Ultimately, he was not admitted to high school because of too much lack. All the more intensively, he dealt with the Tesla share, and also traded it on a loan-financed basis – and in the meantime lost 50 percent of his money through automatic sales when fluctuations were too strong, as he writes. Without the credit leverage, nothing would have happened, says Senkel, but that’s a lesson he just learned. And luck in bad luck: because he was still a minor, the broker reimbursed the loss.


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With this money, Senkel started the bistro project, he continues. And he sounds much more enthusiastic about it than about the Abitur idea, which he was more likely to have been persuaded to anyway. On the other hand, he had already liked cooking and started doing it almost professionally at home early on: at the age of 15, he bought ingredients with pocket money and prepared dishes that he sold to his parents at a premium calculated using an Excel spreadsheet.

Model 3 as a company car?

He stayed as a young restaurateur while cooking, but Senkel wants to stay away from the stock market for the time being, as he continues to write. He invested the Tesla money that he got back in full in the bistro, plus a small inheritance and a little bit from his parents. Overall, he is “a little further away from my Tesla at the moment than before,” he writes. But over the next few years he now has the opportunity to earn money and keep learning at work. And it’s fun to “make people happy with delicious food every day”.

With the restaurant company, which he runs “100% on his own account”, the now 18-year-old Senkel hopes to be able to realize his Tesla dream faster than “with a conventional way of life”. In addition, such a Tesla could also be just right as a company car for shopping or delivering. And until that happens, the young entrepreneur will have fun calculating and cooking.


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