Berlin police warn of Tesla: Because of espionage – that’s behind it

The Berlin police prohibit Teslas from entering certain police areas. All inspections should check their risk situation.

The Berliner Zeitung reports that the

Berlin police warn of Tesla vehicles

. These could spy on police departments. Teslas are currently not allowed to drive on the premises of the Berlin Police Headquarters and the State Criminal Police Office. Teslas can currently still be parked on the grounds of the police inspection. But these departments should now check whether they want to continue allowing Tesla vehicles on their premises.

The reason for the “spy alarm” is the numerous cameras built into the Teslas and the sentry/guard mode that can be activated in the Tesla. These cameras can record what is happening around the Teslas permanently and independently of events. The cameras could film security-relevant areas on the police premises such as ammunition bunkers or civilian vehicles with camouflage plates or civilian investigators and special forces. Confiscated Teslas also pose a problem: they might have to be covered with tarpaulins if they are parked on police premises, as the Berliner Tagesspiegel writes.

On top of that, these recordings are also forwarded to the Tesla servers and stored there. These servers are located in the Netherlands. Tesla owners cannot understand what happens to these records in the Netherlands. It is also possible for “interested parties” to request this data.

Curiously, even a high-ranking police officer from the Berlin police was affected by the ban, as reported by the Tagesspiegel. Because the head of Directorate 2 in the west of Berlin drives a black Tesla himself and has so far parked it on the police premises.

The Berlin police are now apparently considering how to deal with officers who come to work in the Tesla. For these, specific routes and parking spaces with privacy protection on the police premises are conceivable, as the Tagesspiegel adds.

This ban, of all things, by the Berlin police should hit Tesla all the harder, because Tesla produces the Tesla Model Y for the German market in its Gigafactory in Grünheide just outside Berlin: Tesla Model Y – Raging Pampersbomber in the test.

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