Berlin restaurateur lets his guests sit on heaters in winter

Gastronomy Mirko Meuche has built heating benches on which his guests can sit outside even in winter. | Christian Mayer

Mirko Meuche has a problem that many restaurateurs have. Due to the distance rules, he can only offer a few tables in his March restaurant in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district. That spoils the balance sheet.

In the summer, like many restaurateurs, he was able to compensate for the corona-related loss of sales with outdoor activities. That changed with autumn and Meuche concentrated entirely on the question of how he could increase his area.

Together with a gas-water plumber friend, he came up with an idea: The two of them made old heating systems fit again and screwed on slats made of pine wood. A central boiler supplies the heating systems with heat. Even in the dead of winter, guests should be able to sit warm outside.

But that only solves part of his problems. He received a loan of 50,000 euros from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW). But more than half of that has already been used and the rest will probably only last until next April. His hope is that he can then restart operations.

Until then, he would like the politicians to make decisions that are valid in the medium term and ensure planning security. And really control the decisions made.

See how Mirko Meuche and his friends went to work instead of giving up:

This is how a restaurateur makes his business model winterized


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