Berlin’s Tesla gigafactory won’t start until 2022

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin

As the various delays accumulate, Tesla deliveries from Grünheide should not be expected until next year.

Would it be easier to open a gigantic Tesla electric car factory in China rather than in Germany? This is a question that ends up being asked, as the difficulties of all kinds keep raining across the Rhine. Perhaps Elon Musk will come to regret not having seized the pole stretched by Ségolène Royal in 2016.

While the final license for the Tesla gigafactory in Berlin has still not been issued, the site is hampered by a problem of battery availability.

Construction of the plant may appear to be well advanced already. It is indeed for different production units. But not for the one devoted to batteries. This space could not be operational before the end of the present year 2021. Which brings the media Automobilwoche to title one of his articles: “No car without a battery! “.

The lines were to start the assembly of Tesla electric cars next July. We should therefore expect a delay of around 6 months. The image of the 12,000 employees working to produce up to 500,000 electric cars per year at Grünheide is fading on the calendar.


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