Berlusconi’s last piece of art: he wants to become president of Italy

“I will feel even more embarrassed for Italy than I already am,” former criminal judge Piercamillo Davigo told Italian television channel La 7 this week when asked what he thought of the idea of ​​Berlusconi wanting to become president of the country.

Davigo was a fanatic anti-corruption activist for many years and often encountered Berlusconi in that role. The Prime Minister was able to exonerate himself or reach a settlement in many cases. But there are still a number of lawsuits pending against him. One is about spicy evenings at home with young prostitutes.

he can

“Yet, formally speaking, there is no reason why he cannot become president,” Davigo said on TV. “Morally, yes. He was also convicted of tax fraud. How can you ask citizens to pay taxes?”

On February 3, the seven-year term of the current president of Italy, Sergio Matarella, ends. Unlike his predecessor Giorgio Napolitano, who stayed two years longer as a 90-year-old because of the political unrest in his country, Matarella (80) really wants to leave. He had been looking for another house in Rome lately.

The parliament and representatives of the twenty regions elect the new president. If that fails with a two-thirds majority in the first three voting rounds, a majority of half plus one is sufficient. And therein lies an opportunity for Silvio Berlusconi.

Still missing some votes

It looks like the parties on the right (his own Forza Italia, Lega and Fratelli d’Italia) are going to support Berlusconi. With about fifty more of the more than 1,000 eligible voters for the presidential election, Berlusconi could achieve such a small majority.

And this week, former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced that his small party could well support Berlusconi. In any case, he said he saw few objections to it. Some of the parliamentarians of the Five Star Movement would also like to support Berlusconi.

Favorable Laws

Berlusconi managed to pass eight laws in his three stints as prime minister that were intended to protect himself, his friends or his companies from lawsuits.

His style was mediagenic, but as prime minister he was otherwise ineffective and certainly not binding. Outside Italy, it has been thought for years that the era of the flamboyant Berlusconi was over, but he is still the undisputed boss of his party and now also a Member of the European Parliament.

However, he was felled by corona and ended up in hospital for more cases in recent years. He has also struggled with his health in recent weeks, which means that he cannot come to court for one of the pending cases.

Looking forward to

According to Alessandro Sallusti, the editor-in-chief of the Berlusconigezind daily Libero, Berlusconi is looking forward to the new job. “He told me he can do it because it was said it would be impossible. And that’s what he’s so good at: doing impossible things.”

It is certainly not a race, because within Berlusconi’s own party there are also people who really don’t think he is suitable anymore.

Still Draghi?

And countless other people are being tipped off as new presidents. The best known are the current Prime Minister Mario Draghi (74), former Prime Minister Romano Prodi (82) and the experienced Christian Democrat Pierferdinando Casini (65).

Draghi, who has been put forward during the corona crisis and who leads a government of a coalition of left and right parties, is the most obvious.

That may also be the reason why Berlusconi says he really wants Draghi to remain prime minister until at least 2023. In the interest of Italy. And from the presidential candidate himself.

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