Bernie Sanders responds to his memes after the inauguration

After Joe Biden’s inauguration last Wednesday, Senator Bernie Sander and his mittens became a meme. You’ve probably seen them pass by in recent days. The photos in which Sanders is photoshopped in all kinds of places in his chair and with his mittens on.

If there is one thing that will stay with us about Joe Biden’s inauguration, besides Amanda Gorman’s powerful speech and Lady Gaga’s beautiful version of the national anthem, it is likely Senator Bernie Sanders’s photo. It grew into a meme that is massively circulating on social media. And the senator is aware of that too.


Bernie Sanders was present at the inauguration and had put on his winter coat and mittens for the occasion. He knew that the inauguration would take place outside and that such events could take a long time.

The warmly wrapped up Bernie Sanders was photographed and that photo turned out to be ideal for photoshopping. That’s how Sanders already popped up Game of Thrones, at an exam in Flanders Expo and even as the eighth member of BTS. And the meme spreads so far that Sanders has run into him himself.

“Just tried to keep warm”

Senator Bernie Sanders was a guest in Late Night with Seth Meyers. “It will not surprise you that I know you attended the inauguration,” Meyers jokes. Sanders then laughs and replies: “I am aware of that.” Meyers continues: “Besides Amanda, you were one of the stars of the inauguration. Did you realize that the photo was becoming the meme of the day? ” “Absolutely not,” Sanders replies. “I just sat there trying to keep myself warm and listen to what was being said.” Then Sanders tells that he has seen the memes too.

He also tells something about the teacher who gives him the mittens as a present. For example, everyone now asks her for mittens. But she makes them by hand, so it is impossible to provide everyone with a pair. Sanders received the mittens as a gift two years ago. They are made entirely from recycled materials and so will clearly last for years.

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