Bert moved by his son and daughter-in-law in The Perfect Picture

In the first assignment, Bert finished last and that is why the bar is high. When presenter Tijl Beckand announces the models, he emphasizes it again: “You ended up at the bottom in the previous shoot, but yes, if you screw up this then it really is up to you.”

When Bert sees who his models are, he can hardly believe it. “And then all of a sudden your son and daughter-in-law come in. Yes, then I am a wet grilled cheese sandwich with a tear in my eyes,” he says emotionally. “I’m amazed you are doing this.”

The photographers have to make a cover for a magazine. Janny has the cover of Plastic Fantastic and Soy got the cover of Rockstar. For Bert it is all a bit less glamorous and rock ‘n roll: he is commissioned to make a cover for the magazine My tent is great. Daughter-in-law Romee may have some (read: a lot) experience with photo shoots, but she is less known about camping.

Bert pulls out all the stops to shoot the perfect cover. He even travels to a nearby campsite. It produces a wonderful result. According to the jury, the cover can even be put in the store. In the end it gives him a 9.3, which brings his average to 7.7. Bert is therefore still in the race.

It is Soy who achieved the lowest score and therefore we have to say goodbye to the actor. Stefano, Bibi, Janny and Bert move on to the next episode.

The Perfect Picture see you every Tuesday at 8.30 pm on RTL 4.


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