Bertens does not know where she stands after six months without a competition

“We have to see what my level is at the moment. I have no idea. It’s difficult to say that, so yes, let’s see how it goes on Thursday,” said Bertens during a press talk at the WTA tournament. Bertens will meet the Slovenian Polona Hercog in the second round and is looking forward to playing again in a competition. In recent months, Bertens did participate in a demonstration tournament in Berlin.

“I’d rather play tournaments than train, but I think everyone does. In everything I do, I want to win. I just like to compete, to experience that winning feeling. So that’s wrong. I sure. It was strange, because after the first ball that I missed during the first practice I was already pissed off.

Yet Bertens also liked to be on the road continuously and to have to perform every week. “It was the first time in my career that I couldn’t do anything for nine weeks. That was special. Of course I continued to work on my physical condition, but then it was a workout of two hours a day and then I had the rest of the day off. I really enjoyed that, “said Bertens.

“Mentally, I think it was very good for me that there was no tennis for a while. It was nice that I could be home for a long time and could see my family again after a long time. Furthermore, I am fully rested and I have many puzzles. I even have my own puzzle on the market. “

Bertens signed up for the US Open and also dropped the tournaments that preceded it. “After much thought, I decided not to go to America for the Cincinnati and US Open tournaments. The situation around Covid-19 is still so worrying that the health of everyone is paramount and the control of this virus is obviously a priority”, she said in early August.

“Our prime minister also indicated yesterday that after a visit to America we would have to be quarantined for two weeks. Of course we respect this as a team and this would hinder the preparation for my beloved clay in Rome and Paris. I hope that the situation will soon take a positive turn and wish everyone good health. “

Last year Bertens reached the semi-finals on the Italian clay court.


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