Best price: 4 GB LTE tariff in the Telekom network for 5.99 euros per month

With this tariff you can use the best Telekom network for less than 6 euros per month. Here you can find all information about the bargain.

There is currently no mobile phone tariff cheaper than with the provider Crash

telecom network

with this data volume, as our tariff calculator proves. The 4 GB LTE tariff currently costs only

5.99 instead of 24.99 euros per month

. Offer ends June 07, 2022.

Click here for Crash’s cheap mobile phone tariff in the Telekom network

These are the tariff conditions

  • Network: Telecom

  • Tariff: Crash LTE Allnet Flat 4 GB

  • Basic fee per month: 5.99 euros

  • Data volume: 4 GB with LTE 25 Mbit/s

  • Flat rate telephony & SMS

  • Flat EU roaming

  • VoLTE & WiFi call capable

  • One-time connection fee: EUR 9.99

  • flexible start of contract possible (until 30.06.)

  • Term: 24 months


Most mobile phone users who often use WiFi networks get along well with 4 GB of LTE data volume. The tariff is worthwhile for you if you do not want to download any or only small apps on the go and rarely want to stream videos or films on the go.

Click here for Crash’s cheap mobile phone tariff in the Telekom network

The tariff costs just EUR 5.99 per month plus a one-off connection fee of EUR 9.99, which corresponds to EUR 153.75 over the entire two-year term. From the 25th month, Crash charges 24.99 euros per month. In any case, keep this in mind to cancel in good time if necessary. The notice period is 1 month before the end of the contract period. If you miss to cancel, that’s no problem, because after the 24 months you can cancel at any time with a notice period of 1 month.

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