Beta order at the push of a button: Tesla boss raises hopes for FSD software for everyone

Over the weekend, Tesla CEO Elon Musk once again surprised everyone – including his own team. If you want to take part in the beta test with the latest version of the autopilot software, known as FSD for Full Self-Driving, please let Tesla know, he wrote on Twitter on Saturday. As a result, the service channels were apparently flooded with inquiries, and probably to stop that, Tesla’s AI boss Andrej Karpathy published an email address for FSD applications a few hours later. Shortly thereafter, CEO Musk went even further: Tesla was about to integrate a “download beta” button into the menu of its electric cars, he wrote.

FSD application directly on the Tesla screen

Musk had previously stated that the number of testers would be doubled with the current FSD version 8.2 and later probably increased tenfold with 8.3. The beta test started in October 2020 in the USA. At the end of January, the Tesla CEO had spoken of around 1,000 participants so far, which should mean that an expansion to up to 20,000 people is planned.

The fact that Musk later wrote of a beta button directly in Tesla’s electric cars even raised hopes that anyone willing to test would get an early chance to try out the software. At least that’s how he was partly understood on Twitter. But it would also be conceivable that the Tesla boss was still finding the flood of applications to the email address mentioned by Karpathy too much. The download button will come in about ten days, Musk only announced, but did not write that every FSD wish expressed about it would then be fulfilled.


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Musk did not answer specific questions about this at first. European Tesla owners assumed that they too might get the beta order button, but not the software itself. Even the current autopilot system is within EU law at the permissible cornering speed and without calling Person at the wheel cropped for regulatory purposes.

Musk: Expansion is coming to Canada

The Tesla boss did not explicitly comment on the Europe question either, but an answer from him about another country is to be understood as confirmation that the old continent will have to wait for the FSD beta. At least Canada “should be very soon”, wrote Musk in response to a question. But even that is more difficult than it seems, because there are many subtle differences between the streets there and in the USA. And if Tesla itself has to spend a lot of time preparing for the FSD step into the neighboring country, then it should take a while to cross the pond.


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