Beta tests: Tesla autopilot detects passers-by, tight situation at intersection

The improved beta version of the Tesla software for autonomous driving (Full Self-Driving – FSD) announced by CEO Elon Musk for the end of this week has not yet reached the testers – but the selected few are already reporting interesting results with the current one . One of them is Chuck Cook, who reactivated a YouTube channel that had been idle for a long time. In three current short videos he shows different situations with the FSD-Beta 2020.22.15.3 in his Tesla. In one the system acts confidently, in a second it doesn’t seem entirely certain.

Tesla autopilot waits for pedestrians

In the shortest new video, Cook shows how the autopilot in his Model 3 works on a sloping road with a stop sign and then given right of way. There are no problems here. The road layout is displayed correctly on the Tesla’s screen, which is enlarged in the video. And perhaps earlier than a person, the sensors recognize that a person dressed in blue is approaching the edge in front of green bushes on the road behind the second sign, as can also be seen on the display.

Because of the stop sign, the Tesla has come to a standstill anyway, and you can see it chasing pedestrians in it. Sometimes the display twitches again and once the figure is doubled, but in reality, as on the screen, you can see how he begins to cross the street on which the Tesla should continue. When it gets into the planned route of the electric car, shown as a dotted line, its color changes from red to green; Model 3 waits until it has crossed the street and then moves on quickly.

That should be seen as an all-round successful test, and another one of the same driver possibly even more if he had kept his nerve. This longer video is about finding the lane on unmarked roads and with cars occasionally parked on the edge. They were poison for the previous FSD system at Tesla: The cars tended to brake suddenly. The new 4D system, which is currently in beta, is coping with it – even if, according to the tester, the man behind the scenes might think that someone is not driving soberly here.

Narrow situation at the intersection

While Cook philosophizes about the right lead, a dangerous situation is looming. Initially unnoticed by the autopilot and the driver, a black car is apparently approaching both of them very quickly on a road crossing from the right; a parked car and trees make it difficult to see it. When you can already see the vehicle on the right in the video (if you pay attention to it), it is not yet shown in the Tesla display. But the driver sees it just in time and pulls the wheel to the left and then to the right back onto his lane.

So here the person seems to have reacted, but if the street view and the on-screen display are correctly synchronized in the video, the FSD system was initially still activated despite his intervention; only when he steers back again does the blue steering wheel symbol disappear. So it could be that the Tesla would have evaded correctly by itself – the cruising vehicle appeared on the display at about the same time as the human intervention. More information about this will bring further tests – and new skills according to Tesla CEO Musk the next update.


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