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Better coffee: With these products you will perfect your barista skills

Better coffee - you can make it with these tips

Better coffee – you can make it with these tips

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You no longer want to be dependent on the good, but expensive coffee to go, but want to prepare a particularly good cup at home? Then it is not only the technology that is important, but also the know-how relating to the preparation.

What you can do to make better coffee

Regardless of whether you use a fully automatic machine, prefer filter coffee or work with a French press – in order to brew good coffee, there are a few basic rules to be observed. It is particularly important: Coffee, whether beans or powder, should of course be sealed airtight as possible, as oxygen can impair the aroma. But that also means: Don’t fill your fully automatic machine to the brim, but pour it sparingly – otherwise even the best beans can lose their taste. And even if it is annoying that the cleaning indicator is flashing again: Make the effort and handle the machine with care. Because only a clean coffee machine produces coffee that tastes good.

4 products for better coffee

1. Coffee beans with little acid

Guggenheimer Coffee

Coffee beans (one kilogram) from Guggenheimer Coffee – 16.99 euros on Amazon *

The quality of the coffee stands or falls with coffee beans *. So why not try a different variety. Basically, freshly ground beans can often do more than industrially packaged powder. And with a fully automatic coffee machine, you should note that there is little time left for the aroma to unfold – a strong, low-acid roast is therefore an advantage.

2. Coffee grinder


Coffee grinder from Rommelsbacher – 39.90 euros at Amazon *

If you still brew your coffee yourself, use a filter machine or just like to experiment, we can warmly recommend a coffee grinder with different degrees of grinding *. Because if you use coffee powder that is too coarse, the coffee will run through too quickly and will not have the desired aroma, just a pronounced acidity. On the other hand, if it runs too slowly, it can quickly become too bitter.

3. Water filter


Brita water filter – 19.70 euros at Amazon *

In many places the water is very hard – just run some tap water through the filter jug ​​* before brewing – this will give you softer water for a significantly better coffee taste.

4. High fat (oat) milk


Oatly milk from Oatly (six packs) – 17.79 euros at Amazon *

The milk does it too – use a higher-fat barista milk * instead of counting calories. After all, fat is a flavor carrier – this also applies to vegan alternatives such as oat milk.

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