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Better gifts: These packaging ideas are more appealing

Better gifts: Packaging is also crucial

Better gifts: Packaging is also crucial

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You have certainly already received gifts that you thought: Nice gesture, but still prepared for the quick one, right? Vouchers, gifts of money, a book or tickets for special events can create this impression, even if they are actually a nice thing. In order for your gifts to come into their own as they were intended, beautiful packaging is absolutely crucial.

Better gifts: Presentation is also important

Logical: Presented in a plastic bag or in a simple white envelope, gifts don’t look loving and thoughtful. With little effort, however, you can ensure that you bring better gifts with you in the future. Basically, you should make sure that colors and styles go well with each other. Too much overlapping wrapping paper is just as unsightly as paper that is cut too tightly. And if in doubt, a nice gift bag will do the trick for difficult shapes.

4 products that will help you make better gifts

1. Dried flowers

Resin Art

Dried flowers from Kunstharz Art – 14.90 euros at Amazon *

With colorful dried flowers * you can give every gift a special look. The flowers look really good on plain wrapping paper or color-coordinated wrapping paper.

2. Natural packaging tape


Ribbon assortment from Ulikey – 14.99 euros at Amazon *

Colorful plastic ribbons and eye-catching bows are too kitschy for you? Natural tones or materials * accentuate the packaging material and at the same time appear restrained, sustainable and elegant.

3. Surprise box

Happy box

Surprise box from Happy Box – 15.99 euros at Amazon *

Small gifts such as jewelry, photos, tickets or vouchers look twice as beautiful in this popping gift box *. Because who expects such a visual blast from a small gift box?

4. Money gifts with a puzzle factor

MS shipping

Wooden box from MS-Versand – 9.90 euros at Amazon *

Money gifts in particular don’t usually look so good – with this wooden box * you are also giving away a puzzle game and thus a little gift experience that the person receiving the gift is sure to enjoy.

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