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Better nutrition: With these tips and products you will live healthier

Better nutrition - it works with these four products

Better nutrition – it works with these four products

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If you have to go fast again, does the frozen pizza end up in the oven or do you quickly stir something out of the bag? Occasionally this is not a problem, but you should know that such products are often full of sugar, fat and flavor-enhancing substances. In the long run your body resents such a diet. Obesity, bad mood, skin problems and other illnesses can result.

What is important for better nutrition

For a better diet, a lot of fiber, plenty of vegetables, delicious fruit, proteins (e.g. tofu, meat, fish, legumes) and healthy fats (e.g. linseed oil or avocado) should be on the menu. The rule of thumb: Homemade is always better than a convenience product. And if you deal with the matter, you will notice: Many healthy dishes can be prepared just as quickly as a ready-made meal from the freezer. Here we show you products that can help you.

4 products for better nutrition

1. Herb pot


Herb pot with irrigation system from WMF – 39.99 euros at Amazon *

So that what you cook tastes really good: It is always advisable to have fresh herbs in the house. For example, place a herb pot with an irrigation system * on the windowsill and harvest fresh basil for a homemade pesto with pine nuts, garlic and a good olive oil.

2. Smoothie powder

Alpha Foods

Green mother from Alpha Foods – 35.90 euros at Amazon *

Do you find it difficult to get enough vitamins and fiber every day? Then whet your appetite for fresh, homemade smoothies and add a teaspoon of selected superfoods * to each serving.

3. Vegetable cutter


Nicer Dicer from Genius – 49.99 euros at Amazon *

No, we don’t want to sound like the TV commercial now. But … cutting fruit and vegetables has never been easier! If you actually like healthy food, but the chopping prevents you from making a delicious salad, vegetable sticks for dipping or zucchini pasta, our favorite food chopper * is THE solution.

4. Candy Safe

Kitchen safe

Sealing container with timer from Kitchen Safe – 79.90 euros at Amazon *

When there’s candy in the house, you (or your kids) just can’t resist? Then lock the delicacies in this kitchen safe with timer * and thus determine when a snack time is allowed.

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