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Better organization in everyday life: it works with these products

Better organization in everyday life

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Do you sometimes not know where your head is with all the work? Or do you reach your limits when it comes to doing justice to your family as well as your job? Perhaps a critical look at your own habits and daily routines can help to minimize the chaos. Here we give you tips on how to better organize everyday life.

What you can do for better organization in everyday life

Shopping, cleaning, cooking, looking after children, working, staying fit – and if there is still time, maybe enjoying your own life a little? Sounds stressful, what we put our body through every day. If possible, take ten minutes to structure your stressful everyday life. Find out where there is a need for organization. Which processes can you optimize, which tasks maybe outsource to other family members? Routines can also help not to lose track of things.

A tip from many: Even planning a week’s shopping can help to give you valuable time. Write down what you would like to eat during the week and then go shopping for a day – or have the groceries or dinner delivered to you so that you can use the time saved for other purposes.

4 products for better organization in everyday life

1. To-dos and emergency to-dos

Editorial team Verlag an der Ruhr

To-do list block from Verlag an der Ruhr – 5.99 euros on Amazon *

To-do lists are great for visualizing upcoming tasks. With every little thing that you note down, structure comes into your head and you feel a little less overwhelmed by the big picture. Check off the points – for a little happiness that you have achieved something. You can also note particularly important things or things that you do not want to tackle during the day in order to save time on this tear-off pad *.

2. Family calendar

Boxing Clever

Family planner from Boxclever – 14.99 euros on Amazon *

A column for each family member and plenty of space to organize – with a family planner * you can keep track of who has to be where and when and what should be done. It also makes it easy to divide up household tasks.

3. Cleared up supplies


Fresh storage containers from Shownicer – 23.99 euros on Amazon *

You come back from shopping and realize while unpacking that you still have three packs of muesli at home, but the pasta has long been used up? Bring order into your pantry with these transparent food storage containers * so that you always know what belongs on the shopping list.

4. Structure in the wardrobe


Storage boxes from Songmics – 18.99 euros on Amazon *

Better organization in everyday life also means keeping an overview in the wardrobe. Instead of letting socks, ties or other little things fly around wildly in the drawer, you can assign them a fixed place * so that you can find them again if you have to go quickly. A tidy home also ensures a little less chaos of thought.

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