Better sleep thanks to the sleep robot of this Dutch innovator

For many Dutch people a good night’s sleep is not a matter of course. Every day about 750,000 people take sleeping pills. A short term solution with long term side effects. When four students at TU Delft were given the assignment to develop a robot that helps people during a minor in Robotics, the idea of ​​Somnox was born; a sleep robot that slows breathing, calms the head and thus helps to fall into a deep sleep.

Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award

In 2018, the then start-up Somonx (now grown into a scale-up) received the Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award. In addition to the prize money of €20,000, it has generated a lot of media attention, which has started the ball rolling.

Julian Jagtenberg, CMO, shares what winning has done to the company. Where is Somnox three years after winning the award? What do they dream of? And what tip does he have for start-ups that are considering participating in the Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award?

Watch the video here

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