Beware of fake Netflix emails –

Fraudsters are currently trying to get hold of users’ personal data with two new phishing scams.

The Schleswig-Holstein consumer advice center is currently warning of two new phishing scams. The scammers use email to pretend to be PayPal as a payment service and Netflix as a streaming service.

Netflix subscription issues

In the first scam, the scammers send an email claiming to come from the Netflix streaming service. With the e-mail subject “Problem with your Netflix account”, the electronic mail looks like a security notification from Netflix at first glance. In the body of the email, the scammers claim that the email recipient’s Netflix subscription could not be renewed. In order to fix the issue and renew the subscription as planned, the recipient will need to update their personal information with Netflix.

Scammers want to steal personal information

“Sorry, we were unable to authorize renewal for your next subscription cycle. Your access to the Service will be restricted; shortly. To recover your account, please update it; update your information,”

it says in the email. Below that is a link to the supposed update website. The consumer advice center strongly advises against following the link and providing personal details such as payment details on the website behind it.

Paypal email claiming Netflix payment

The second phishing attempt also hides behind the Netflix guise. With this scam, the scammers disguise themselves as a PayPal payment service provider. The email acts like a payment notification, informing the recipient that they have been charged $7.99 for a Netflix subscription. The scammers aim to ensure that the recipient does not have a Netflix subscription and will therefore click the “Resolve Conflict” button at the bottom of the email. This leads to a website where personal data should be entered. Here, too, the consumer advice center advises not to follow the link and not to disclose any private data.

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