Beware of ‘finfluencers’ | Point behind DSB bankruptcy | And sorry word of the year

The bankruptcy of Dirk Scheringa Bank is finally being settled. DSB Bank already went bankrupt in 2009, but the trustees have only completed their last report today. This is partly because regulator De Nederlandsche Bank was held liable for the bank’s demise. Meanwhile, hundreds of creditors are demanding millions of euros from DSB. The good news: they get their money back. The curators themselves probably iron too a nice amount on.

This does not apply to healthcare workers: they will hardly improve in 2022. With an average income, they receive about six euros more per month in net wages, says HR service provider Visma Raet. This is partly due to the higher pension premium.

Caution: do not blindly follow the recommendations of ‘finfluencers.’ In other words: influencers who give financial advice. The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets is issuing that warning today. Because many of those influencers are actually not allowed to give advice and recommend investments that they themselves benefit from.

influencer has not become the word of the year; Prisp regret won that title. The term stinging regret received 82.2 percent of the vote and won by a distance. The shortlist also included housing protest and meme share, as well as a striking number of pandemic terms, such as wappiesound. Last year, one and a half meter society won. And do you know boomer, block fries or app accident yet?

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This piece was the most shared this weekend: An Amsterdam dance company may suspend an unvaccinated employee who refused to test himself. “The infringement of the dancer’s fundamental rights is justified,” the subdistrict court judges.

We think you should also read this: Many homeowners will breathe a sigh of relief: the mortgage interest deduction will not be phased out any faster. But wasn’t that faster phasing out a condition for European corona support? Can we forget it now? Read it here.

And you may have missed this last night: Anyone who has ever been on Instagram or LinkedIn should recognize it. The phenomenon of ‘coach’ appears more and more in your timeline. Coaches who want to help you, for example with realizing your dreams or earning money. There are risks associated with this increase in coaches.

This could come along at the digital coffee machine:

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ps Columnist and economist Joeri de Wilde has a suggestion for a successful TV format: Ranking the Nations.

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