Beware Windows users: fake upgrade website installs malware

If you are not careful with the Windows 11 upgrade, you will catch malware via an alleged Microsoft upgrade page.

Security researchers from CloudSEK are currently reporting on a fake Windows 11 upgrade page that installs malware, which the researchers call “Inno Stealer”, on your PC and steals sensitive data there instead of the latest Windows version. The scammers use fake Microsoft websites that look deceptively real, with matching logos, fonts and graphics.

After installation, the malicious program loads other dangerous software onto your PC that disables various Windows security measures, including directly in the registry. Even antivirus programs from certain manufacturers are probably deleted. The malware is designed to steal sensitive data on your PC. This includes browser cookies and stored access data, data from the file system and crypto wallets.

Fake website is blocked, but caution is advised

The website “” used for the fraud has now been blocked and can no longer be accessed. Still, Windows users should be wary. Even if this page is no longer available, it does not mean that scammers are still trying to get your data through this scam. In fact, it is not the first time that users have installed malware on their computers via supposedly genuine manufacturer websites.

How to protect yourself

To avoid installing malicious ISO files, we recommend that you only install your Windows system from the original Microsoft website or from the “Windows Update” settings directly in your Control Panel.

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