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Bibian Mentel stirs Humberto viewers to tears: ‘What a strong woman’

Last weekend the news came out that the Dutch snowboarder Bibian Mentel has been dealt with. The powerful and inspiring woman was a guest at Humberto’s yesterday via a video connection, while her husband Edwin Spee was sitting at the table. Viewers agreed on Twitter en masse: everyone should see this.

Bibian Mentel, who won gold three times at the Paralympic Games, has been fighting cancer for years. More than 20 years ago, she first developed bone cancer, after which her leg had to be amputated. In the years that followed, she was stricken with symptoms of the disease for another 15 years, and she always struggled through it. Now, with brain metastases, the battle is over. But the positivity and strength will never disappear from her.

Bibian Mentel at Humberto

“At the beginning you always had a dot on the horizon to work towards. What are the points you are living towards right now? ”, Was the first question from Humberto Tan to Bibian Mentel. “Yes, we take every day as a nice moment. That sounds very cliché. But I’m glad I didn’t get taken out of my life from one moment to the next, so that I can still say whatever I want to say to my family and friends. ” They were just the first words of one of the most emotional, powerful and inspiring TV moments of recent years.

Meanwhile, her husband Edwin Spee sat at the table with as much pride as tears in his eyes. Tijl Beckand and the other table guests did not keep it dry either. Even the finished Bibian Mentel radiates pure strength and positivity. She shows how relative life is. How important the little things are. What love means around you.

Viewers react emotionally on Twitter

Viewers were en masse in front of the television with a lump in their throats and were inspired and emotional by the powerful words and inexhaustible positivity of Bibian Mentel. “Let’s all be kind to each other. Not goodbye, but see you next time ”, were her closing words with Humberto. An overview of the endless flow beautiful reactions on Twitter.

View the fragment of Bibian Mentel with Humberto here.

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Bibian Mentel moves the Netherlands to tears at Humberto


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