Biden after phone calls with allies: “America is back”

The elected US President Joe Biden sees the US again as a reliable partner for the allies after his election victory over the Republican incumbent Donald Trump. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday about his phone calls with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, France Head of State Emmanuel Macron and Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin, Biden said: “First of all, I let you know that America is back. We’ll be back in the game. It’s not just about America. “

Against Trump’s “America First”

With this, the Democrat Biden alluded to the foreign policy “America First” doctrine of the Republican incumbent Donald Trump. Among other things, Trump had threatened the US to withdraw from NATO and repeatedly attacked allies like Germany. He had also left international treaties such as the Paris climate protection agreement. Biden said Tuesday the reactions he has received from allies and friends around the world have been positive. He is confident that it will be possible to make the USA a respected partner again.


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