Biden gives proceedings against Trump little chance of success

In the US Senate, the indictment for the second impeachment proceedings against former President Donald Trump has been read out. Shortly before, on Monday (local time), the prosecution had brought the indictment alleging “incitement to riot” in a procession from the House of Representatives to the Senate.

The Democrats want to hold Trump accountable for his supporters’ attack on the Capitol on January 6th. His term of office has already expired, but the proceedings could result in a life-long ban from office at the federal level if convicted. That would undo any plans Trump would run for the presidency again in 2024.

Biden pessimistic

According to a media report, US President Joe Biden does not give the impeachment proceedings against his predecessor Donald Trump a great chance of success. He did not believe that enough Republicans would vote in the Senate for a condemnation of their fellow party member, the broadcaster CNN Biden quoted on Monday.

Before the impeachment proceedings actually begin in the second week of February, the chairman of the proceedings is to be sworn in on Tuesday, who in turn takes the oath from the 100 senators. The senators take the role of jury in the process and make the final decision.

The reading of the indictment, the swearing in of the chairman and senators as well as initial statements by the defendant and the prosecutor are part of the preparations for the trial, according to the US Congress Research Service (CRS). The actual start of the proceedings is marked by the opening speech of the House of Representatives, followed by that of the defense.


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