Biden wants to get rid of Trump policy immediately: this is his planning

Joe Biden, who will be sworn in as US president on Wednesday, has a row of decrees waiting to reverse Trump’s decisions. They will all be drawn in the first ten days.

That Joe Biden did not always agree with his predecessor’s decisions is an understatement. Some things, such as the relationship with China, he cannot change overnight without causing shocks, but he wants to tackle the so-called ‘four major crises’ – corona, the economy, racial inequality and climate change – immediately.

“He will arrive at the White House after his inauguration speech and will take immediate action to get the country back on track,” his Private Secretary Ron Klain told CNBC business channel this weekend.


The news channel NBC was able to get hold of a preliminary schedule. It looks like this:

  • Wednesday: re-join the Paris climate agreement and reverse the travel ban for people from Muslim countries. Biden will also require Americans to wear masks in public buildings and he will expand eviction rules
  • Thursday: draw up rules for the reopening of schools and companies
  • Friday: Biden will ask his cabinet on Friday to “ensure that workers, who are suffering the greatest consequences of this crisis, receive money immediately”
  • Next week: Starting Monday, he will “take significant steps to channel more support to colored neighborhoods and other poorly served groups.” He will also sign decrees on climate change, improve access to health care and “increase the dignity of the immigration system and border policy”.

Corona Plan

Last week, Biden already announced his $ 1,900 billion corona plan. He gives every American $ 2,000 and increases unemployment benefits to $ 400 a week.

Biden will arrive at the White House Wednesday around noon US time. That is 6 pm with us. Strong security measures have already been taken to avoid a scenario such as the storming of the Capitol.


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