Biden’s team on Twitter: carefully chosen words instead of caps lock

Public relation. The President, Vice President, their partners and the press team want to blow a new wind on Twitter: “Transparency and truth” they call it.

“Ready to serve”. So simple, submissive and meaningful was the first tweet from Kamala Harris as Vice President on her account @VP. In the first 24 hours in office, this was confirmed by more than two million Twitter users with a “Like”. Harris beat her boss Joe Biden by lengths. His first tweet as president of the official @ POTUS account managed “only” a good half a million: “We have no time to lose,” he introduced.

Well considered

A new wind is blowing on Twitter. Instead of caps-lock capital letters from Donald Trump’s private account, the Biden team relies on professional social media work and well-considered words. Jen Psaki, the new press spokeswoman in the White House, took the Twitter users with her to the first press conference, which she wants to hold regularly again from now on – and with classic answered reporter questions. “I have deep respect for the role of the free and independent press in our democracy and for the role that you all play,” said the 42-year-old to the press. “Transparency and truth” should be the top priority. And in her first post on @PressSec, she urged followers to ask questions to the White House. The answers should come this week via video.

First Lady Jill Biden will also do public relations with her official account @FLOTUS, as will @SecondGentleman, Kamala Harris’ husband Douglas Emhoff. On Wednesday evening, Jill Biden published a video in which she was grateful for the new tasks – Emhoff retweeted.

Start from scratch

Twitter transferred the official accounts of the President and Vice President of the United States to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris a week ago. In contrast to the last transfer of power four years ago, after the decision of the service, they start without the subscribers who had accumulated in the profiles during the tenure of their predecessors Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Here, too, Kamala Harris hung the president, the 56-year-old is apparently more popular with the Twitter community than the 78-year-old Biden. The account @POTUS (President of the United States) had 1.4 million followers in the first half hour, while Vice President Harris at @VP had 5.6 million.

Donald Trump had mostly only used his official Twitter account @POTUS to retweet tweets from his personal account @realDonaldTrump. Twitter had banned him until further notice after his alleged followers attacked the Capitol in Washington. The reason given was that Trump had violated the rules of use and that the move was intended to prevent further escalation.

Trump continues to be virtually mute

Trump is also still banned on YouTube and Facebook. The Google video service YouTube blocked Trump’s channel for another seven days on Wednesday. “Our teams work around the clock, monitor new developments and remain vigilant,” said a YouTube spokesman for dpa. Trump has almost 2.8 million subscribers on the platform.

Youtube had started a week after the storming of the US Capitol to prevent Trump from uploading new content. Older videos remained available. However, these can no longer be commented on. Youtube’s guidelines state that an account can be suspended for a week after the first violation, and for two weeks after the second. After a third violation, there is a risk of permanent closure of the channel.

Like Twitter, Youtube handed over the White House’s official channel (“The White House”) to the new administration on Wednesday after the inauguration of US President Joe Biden.


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