‘Big Brother’: Nick’s statements about racism cause a lot of commotion

A heated discussion between Nick and Zoey about racism Big Brother has caused a lot of discussion online. Nick believes that he has also been the victim of racism, something that causes a fierce reaction in Zoey.

A conversation between Nick and Zoey about racism and discrimination Big Brother got quite heated when Nick believed himself to have been the victim of racism. “I’ve really had to deal with racism, too,” he said in an excerpt that can be seen on the GoPlay website.

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“You can’t say that”, Zoey responds very quickly. In addition, she receives support from several female inmates who are involved in the conversation. They then try to explain to him that there is indeed a difference between the discrimination he has experienced and racism. However, Nick seems to stick to his position.


The heated discussion is also causing quite a stir on social media. “I’m not a fan of Zoey, but in the racism / discrimination discussion with Nick she was absolutely right,” someone writes on Twitter. Others seem to think Nick is right.

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