Big changes in Tik Tok – you need to know that

Popular video sharing site Tik Tok has announced a slew of changes that will affect which videos users see.

Some new changes are intended to give users more control over what content they see in the future. The Verge reports. In addition, the content shown should be moderated more.

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Users can block content in the future

So far, the options for influencing the suggested videos on the so-called “For you” page have been rather limited. There is a Like button and a “Not interested” button; However, the latter is no guarantee that similar videos will be suggested again. In the future, however, users should be able to filter out words and hashtags that should no longer appear in suggested videos. In this way, the new, annoying trend could be blocked very quickly.

Better labeling for content

In the future, young users should be better protected against content that is not suitable for a young target group. The moderation on Tik Tok should be improved for this. Corresponding content should either be provided with a warning or not be displayed to the corresponding users at all. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that Tik Tok knows the age of the users.

Frequency of problematic topics should be regulated

In the future, Tik Tok wants to better identify topics that have a negative impact on the experience and mental well-being of users in the long term. This specifically affects content that is inconspicuous as a single video, but is problematic in bulk. The Verge cites depression-related issues or diet trends as examples.

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