Big EA blunder: Fifa 23 already playable – ratings and gameplay leaked

Fifa 23, the latest offshoot of the popular football simulation, will be released in less than a month. However, due to a technical error, some players have already been able to play the game – and are spreading their knowledge online.

Fifa developer EA (Electronic Arts) made a mistake that could cost jobs. Although the actual release is not scheduled for September 30th, some players have already been able to download and play the new Fifa 23. Some pre-orderers of the Xbox version and EA Play Pro members are apparently affected. An email from EA informed you that Fifa 23 is available for preload. And were able to play the game after the download was complete.

Fifa 23: Finally another direct hit

Of course, it didn’t take long for the Fifa community to share gameplay clips and player ratings on Twitter and other social networks. The game was even live streamed by Twitch user mexico07dan1 until his account was banned after a short while. EA seems to be taking decisive action against the distribution of the content, and gameplay videos have also quickly disappeared from the platforms. However, the company seems to have fewer legal options against the dissemination of the ratings. Screenshots and listings of player ratings are still circulating on Twitter.

It is not known how this leak could have happened. As with previous installments, those who pre-order the Ultimate Edition will get access to the game three days before the official release. EA may have made a mistake and early access was released too early for some players.

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