Big problems at IKEA: “21 hours of waiting music with the message ‘your time is precious’, that makes me very angry”

“The inspector” has been receiving e-mails and app messages about the problems at IKEA for several weeks. Listeners complain about extremely long waiting times for telephone customer service and wrong orders. Some people do not receive deliveries at all, others receive the wrong package. And to top it all off, you can no longer e-mail or fill in the complaint form.

Unworthy of a multinational company

The stories that “The Inspector” receives all have one common problem: the Swedish furniture giant is out of reach.

Joyce Beschuyt her order is not delivered on the agreed day, so she calls customer service in the evening. And the following days she also tries to get someone from IKEA on the phone. “But without success, I have been on hold for hours but never got someone on the line.”

Stefan Gladines has also given up confidence in customer service in the meantime. “I had to wait more than an hour and a half. I also tried via e-mail but there was no answer.” Stefan is now trying to get more information about his order on his own, but that is also difficult. “The webshop is not reliable. You place an order for items that are in stock, but it turns out that they are not in stock. You cannot see whether your product can still be delivered or not.”

“No laptop table, but a sheepskin”

Comedian Kamal Kharmach also finds it difficult to communicate with IKEA. “I ordered a laptop table online. I had to wait longer than a week for the delivery, which I think is a punishment for such a large company anyway. In the end I received the order from someone else. In the box was a sheepskin instead of the table.”

Kamal tries to contact customer service by phone. “That’s no use! Every day I hung up for 2-3 hours while a tape played with the message: ‘We know your time is precious.’ That only made me more angry.” Ultimately, Kamal is on hold for a total of 21 hours without being able to speak to an employee. At his wit’s end, he drives himself to the shop to personally exchange the sheepskin for the laptop table. ”

It must be better

The IKEA spokesperson is not alarmed when “The inspector” submits the great flow of complaints. “We know that there are many customers who are struggling to reach us,” says Colombine Nicolay from IKEA Belgium. “We are also very sorry that we cannot provide the right service.”

According to Nicolay, there are two reasons why the company is difficult to reach. “On the one hand there has been an increase in the number of questions about how customers can shop in our stores. On the other hand, the number of online orders has increased enormously as people want to redecorate their homes now that they are so much at home.”

Better service

IKEA is not deaf to the criticism and says it has already made a number of adjustments to improve accessibility. “We have engaged store employees for customer service so that we can answer extra phones. On the other hand, we also try to reach customers through as many channels as possible.” The furniture chain has published an extensive list of frequently asked questions on its website and tries to digitize as many services as possible. “Customers can now track their delivery and request invoices online.”

As of this week, customers can also chat with customer service. “We prefer chat and telephone to e-mail. Sending new e-mails is no longer possible, but all old e-mails will certainly be answered. We just ask for a little patience.”

What if you have a question or problem?

Many customers still have questions or problems. IKEA gives a few tips to get help faster:

1. Check if you can find an answer on the website in the list of frequently asked questions.

2. If you cannot find an answer to your question, you can start a chat conversation via the customer service webpage. This way you can quickly get an update about your order.


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