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Big techno heart under the belt for DJ to raver: #TechnoTogether

Where the music, the parties and the enthusiasts are all about that outlet called techno, and where the together feeling of freedom predominates above the bass line, all this has now made way for something completely different. Anxiety.

Time for a boost from the scene. DJ to raver and other people from “the industry” are now massively sharing a video, made by Awakenings, and the hashtag #TechnoTogether. Because “Techno we are together”.

The event industry is virtually standing still. Clubs are disappearing, jobs are lost, dance floors around the world are empty and the festival grass has not been touched with any rave footwear this year. There is a fear that an entire culture is in danger of disappearing. Reason for Awakenings to launch a campaign.

Techno lives on

“It is time to join forces. We must make ourselves heard in the world that seems to be falling apart. Techno may not be in clubs right now, but it lives on and returns. We are convinced of that. While the world seems to be polarizing more and more, techno is a connecting factor for many. Let’s all stand strong and protect and preserve our industry. ”


Under the title #TechnoTogether they have made a video for everyone who works in or is involved in techno culture. They support almost everyone who has an affinity with techno: from listeners to ravers, from artists to festival and club crews, from agents to managers and suppliers.

“Dance together, compete together”

“You may think it is just a party, but we know that it is more than that,” it sounds like text in the video, which is partly shot in the Westergas where the Awakenings parties are often held. It can count on a lot of support. The video is widely shared on social media and the many reactions show that the music and the scene are very much alive. “We will wait.” “Techno forever.” “One night we are all going to have a blast again.” “We dance together, we fight together.” “Techno is in you, even now, now that the world is so divided. Together we are strong. Together we are techno. ”

Although there are also dance enthusiasts who find the entire campaign a sign of the stubbornness of the techno scene. “It is becoming more and more ‘snobbish’. We are in it with the entire electronic dance scene. ”

DJ Charlotte de Witte, beloved for her legendary (and hard) Awakenings sets, replies that he shouldn’t see it that way. “The message is that we are all in it. The world is divided enough already. ”

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Big techno heart under the belt for DJ to raver: #TechnoTogether


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