Big trouble with manufacturers: Rewe throws products out of the range

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Anyone who currently comes across empty shelves at Rewe does not necessarily have to fear that the hamster purchases will start again. As reported by the “Lebensmittel Zeitung” (LZ), the retailer made an effort in the annual talks with the manufacturers – and in the course of the tough negotiations also temporarily removed some items from the range. Articles from brand manufacturers such as Kellogg’s, Mars-Wrigley and Eckes-Granini are affected.

The annual negotiations usually take place in the autumn between markets and manufacturers. According to the LZ, not all conflicts have been resolved this year, even at the beginning of March. Rewe himself did not comment on the newspaper. Trading partners of the group would attribute the negotiating difficulties to higher price demands of the manufacturers.

Inventory is running low

At the end of last year, individual items from brand manufacturers such as Kellog’s, Mars-Wrigley or Kraft Heinz were temporarily removed from the range, according to the LZ. At this point in time, however, the Rewe warehouses still had sufficient stocks. According to insiders, the retail group is said to have at least intermittently messed with Coca Cola, Iglo, Red Bull and Nivea producer Beiersdorf, the LZ continues.

Rewe has now come to an agreement with some parties, including Kraft Heinz. And according to a spokesman, the negotiations with Eckes-Granini are also optimistic. As far as the other conflicts are concerned, the signals are unclear, according to LZ. The fact is that customers in both wholesale and retail are now feeling the bottlenecks caused by negotiations, especially for articles from Kellogg’s, Mars-Wrigley and Eckes-Granini. Inventories are running low, according to LZ, Granini juices and Wrigley’s chewing gum are currently being searched in vain on the shelves. In some cases, self-employed people are already going to purchase their goods elsewhere.



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