Bike backpacks: 12 models tested (2021)

Selected products in tabular overview

test winner

SALTS Triplete M Reflective Grey

EUR 349.00

1.2 (very good)

ORTLIEB Commuter Daypack High Visibility

199.99 EUR

1.2 (very good)

RYZON Casual Backpack

EUR 129.00

1.3 (very good)

Rapha Roll Top Backpack

EUR 120.00

1.3 (very good)

Ergon BC Urban

EUR 169.95

1.3 (very good)

Aveor Bike Pack

EUR 149.90

1.4 (very good)

Chrome Bravo 3.0 roll top

EUR 200.00

1.4 (very good)

EVOC Commuter 18

EUR 139.00

1.6 (good)


Value for money

Value for money

Basil Soho Northern Lights

99.99 EUR

1.8 (good)

VAUDE CityGo Bike 23

EUR 140.00

1.9 (good)

BROOKS England Coated Remade

EUR 260.00

1.9 (good)


EUR 100.00

2.1 (good)

Cyclists who need to transport something on their bike have a choice: frame or shoulder bag, pannier or backpack. Every carrying system has its advantages. The shorter the distance to be traveled, the better the backpack plays its trump cards. Due to the high everyday use, the flexible back bag is already very popular with cyclists. Whether on the way to the office, to go shopping or to the gym – there is no need for a luggage rack or the installation of a fastening system. BIKE BILD took a close look at twelve bicycle backpacks.

Winner in the BIKE BILD bicycle backpack test: Ortlieb Commuter Daypack High Visibility

Ortlieb Commuter Daypack High Visibility

Commuter Daypack High Visibility


Commuter Daypack High Visibility

  • absolutely waterproof
  • many lessons
  • large storage space

Price €199.99

The daypack shares the test win with Salzen. Both appeal to different target groups – Ortlieb the hardcore cyclists. Not only that the backpack will not capitulate to any downpour. It is also a bench in the dark because the entire surface is reflective. The main compartment offers a padded laptop compartment, another zippered compartment is accessible from the outside. There are more compartments and storage space on others, but no comparable water protection and visibility. In the test, the Ortlieb Commuter Daypack High Visibility achieved the grade “very good” – with 31 out of 35 points.

Value for money winner Basil Soho Northern Lights

Basil Soho Northern Lights

Soho Northern Lights
  • luggage rack mount
  • softly padded shoulder straps
  • cheap price
  • not fully waterproof in lateral rain

Price €99.99

In addition to Vaude, Basil is entering a backpack that is equipped with a carrier mount. The hooks are hidden behind a zip pocket, but could do with a little more protection. The testers expressly praised the soft, padded shoulder straps. Less good: If water hits the zip seams of the main compartment at a 90-degree angle, it quickly becomes damp in the main compartment. The water-repellent laptop bag (up to 15 inches) can be removed. In the test, the Basil Soho Nordlicht achieved the grade “good” – with 25.5 out of 35 points.

This is how BIKE BILD tested bicycle backpacks

In the waterproof test, the backpacks had to complete a 3 x 3 minute protocol. Under equipment we score the number of pockets, compartments, reflectors. Handling includes, among other things, how accessible pockets are. Under comfort we consider padding, shoulder straps, adjustability. In terms of weight, we put four stars in the range between 1100 and 1199 grams. Five editors discussed the design.

The test results at a glance

Backpacks are commercially available in countless sizes and designs. BIKE BILD recommends specifically targeting bicycle backpacks. Most models offer useful features, are equipped with reflectors, are waterproof and – very importantly – ergonomically optimized for cyclists. Important here: many interested parties base their purchase decision on the capacity, but it is better to primarily look at the back padding. After all, the human spine carries most of the load when it comes to backpacks. Don’t worry, with the right care (regular strengthening and sufficient exercise), our backbone easily shoulders moderate everyday loads. This is also an argument for the backpack: the loads are evenly distributed on the left and right half of the body – provided you pack accordingly.

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Backpacks for on the go: test results

Back padding that is too hard can lead to problems with an arched spine, especially if the biker sits bent over on the bike – this applies above all to racing bikes and gravel bikes with a difference in height between saddle and handlebars. The line is thin, because pads that are too soft do not provide sufficient support and encourage the contents to exert uncomfortable pressure. Let’s talk about capacity for a moment. We have accommodated the helmet, laptop and drinking bottle in the 18-liter model from Evoc. For this reason, the range between 20 and 23.9 liters is rated four stars (good). Most cyclists should be satisfied with that.

By the way: careful packing improves carrying comfort. Heavy items like laptops should be close to your back. Light objects such as a change of clothes belong in the bottom and small items in the top. The better the loads are distributed, the safer you can steer through curves. Clearly: Real everyday joy will only arise when the back and backpack really fit together.

Let’s talk about capacity for a moment. We have accommodated the helmet, laptop and drinking bottle in the 18-liter model from Evoc. For this reason, the range between 20 and 23.9 liters is rated four stars (good). That should be enough for most cyclists.

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