Bike helmets up to 100 euros tested: safe shell

Selected products in tabular overview


test winner

Abus Urban-I 3.0

EUR 89.00

good (24/30 points)


test winner

MET Mobilite MIPS

EUR 100.00

good (24/30 points)


Uvex City i-vo

EUR 99.00

good (23/30 points)


KED Crom

EUR 89.00

satisfactory (22/30 points)


Endura Luminite II

EUR 84.00

satisfactory (22/30 points)


Alpina HAGA

EUR 89.00

satisfactory (21/30 points)



EUR 60.00

satisfactory (18/30 points)


Laser cameleon

EUR 79.00

satisfactory (18/30 points)


Giro Caden

EUR 100.00

sufficient (17/30 points)


Livall C20

EUR 69.00

sufficient (17/30 points)


Specialized Align II

EUR 59.00

sufficient (17/30 points)

We start with good news: You can get a bicycle helmet for little money that fulfills its main task of protecting your head in the event of a fall. As long as it is a branded model, which is best bought from specialist retailers, you will get the necessary security for your head. BIKE BILD tested eleven bicycle helmets up to 100 euros.

Winner of the BIKE BILD bicycle helmet test: Abus Urban-I 3.0

Abus Urban-I 3.0

Urban-I 3.0
  • very good fit
  • Taillight
  • magnetic closure
  • cheap price

Price €89.00

“Typical Abus” commented a tester succinctly when putting it on. A compliment, the Urban-I 3.0 adapts to the shape of the head immediately; thanks to the precise locking wheel, the helmet can also be adjusted to the desired size. Good news for all braid wearers: The manufacturer hasn’t forgotten its tried-and-tested cut-out at the back of the head, so the helmet doesn’t pinch when wearing braids. This gives extra points for the equipment, which is already very extensive thanks to the rear light and magnetic closure. Thanks to its comparatively low price, the helmet also secures the price-performance win. In the test, the Abus Urban-I 3.0 received the grade “good” – with 24 out of 30 points.

Winner of the BIKE BILD bicycle helmet test: MET Mobilite MIPS

MET Mobilite MIPS

Mobile MIPS
  • best equipment
  • Taillight
  • magnetic closure

Price €100.00

Best performance in terms of equipment: MET has not only provided the Mobilite MIPS with the safety insert, which is intended to reduce dangerous rotational forces. A magnetic closure, a rear light, the peak and a nice and soft padding ensure that nothing is missing from the Mobilite. The fit is okay, although some testers complained that the helmet was quite wide and could not be tightened properly. No exclusion criterion, we recommend trying this helmet on. In the test, the MET Mobilite MIPS received the grade “good” – with 24 out of 30 points.

The test results at a glance

What distinguishes a modern bicycle helmet? A red battery-powered rear light is now standard equipment even for city helmets in the medium price range. You will also find reflectors somewhere on every city helmet, the more and the bigger the better.


Rear lights with button batteries or USB rechargeable batteries are now standard on many city helmets.

A small part that is often overlooked is the chin strap. We recommend modern magnet or ratchet closures with a red button or tab to open. Why? In the worst case, paramedics can open the helmet particularly easily.

Of course, we wish you and all other road users that such an emergency never occurs and that your helmet does not have to go into action until the end of its life. When it comes to head guards, it’s better to have than you need.


We think every helmet should have reflectors. Visibility brings security.

The safety level of classic bicycle helmets is perfectly adequate for commuters and touring cyclists. These offer a good compromise between ventilation, comfort, safety features and price.

For our practical test, we decided on a price range of up to 100 euros. Of course there is always higher, further, better. However, we find – and the test showed this again – that there are excellent models in this price range that fit perfectly on the head and can accompany you for a long time.

Long but not forever. Here’s some bad news: the lifespan of a helmet is finite. The foam material is affected by heat, cold, UV radiation, sweat and rain. Depending on the intensity of the load, a helmet will eventually become porous. Doesn’t sound too bad at first, but can cause the hardened material to splinter on impact instead of cushioning.


The Multi Impact Protection System is designed to provide additional safety in the event of a fall by reducing rotational forces.

Frequent drivers should check after about four years to what extent the material is still good. After eight years at the latest, you should start looking for a new model. Tip: You can find the production date on the inside of the helmet; so you always know how old the helmet is. Good to know, even with supposed bargains.

Insect repellent

A fly screen on the front is a simple and effective protection against insects in the helmet.

Also important on the subject of durability: Even if a helmet is a robust part, you should not drop it. According to the manufacturers, a helmet that has been impacted can no longer guarantee your safety because micro-cracks can form in the foam. Exceptions are hard-shell helmets such as the AGU model, in which the shell and foam are separate.

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