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And another five 125cc for motorists

Since January 2020, drivers have been able to drive 125cc motorcycles with additional training. In the third part of our series, we present five more cool bikes. From Honda to Suzuki.

Mwith the new B196 driving license are allowed in Germany since January 2020 125cc motorcycles – if they meet certain conditions. You have to at least 25 years be old and have been at least five years have a car driving license. Legislators also require that a Additional training is done in the driving school, which at least four units of theory and four units of practice consists. AUTO BILD has already presented two cool 125cc motorcycles (here you can find part one and part two). Now the third slide follows.

Honda CB 125 R: Reliability and a valuable impression

Visually, the Honda in the Neo Sports Café design is far ahead. The Japanese can also do it technically.

Two-wheelers know that Honda Builds motorcycles that especially reliable are. Americans like to call such technology “bulletproof”. The Honda CB 125 R. takes among the Light motorcycles from Honda a special position. It has a water-cooled one Two-valve engine with a special bore / stroke ratio, which is considered a good-natured journeyman. Add to that the stable chassis the CB 300 R and that Neo sports cafe design of the bigger sisters. The result is an exceptionally high-quality package for the vehicle class. The single cylinder of the CB 125 R performs 13.3 hp, SECTION and Euro 4 are standard. Price: 4499 euros.

Suzuki GSX-R 125: Small bike, big sport

125: motorcycles for drivers, part 3

The smallest Gixxer doesn’t just appear sporty. The Suzuki has decent performance and hardly weighs anything.

It is as legendary as the indestructibility of Honda bikes sportiness of all two-wheelers from Suzukithat have the abbreviation GSX-R bear in the name. From her lovers Gixxer mentioned motorcycles splurge with mighty power. But they know above all with their very precise and completely self-explanatory Handling to inspire. Good news for drivers interested in 125cc: Suzuki has a small Gixxer on offer! The Suzuki GSX-R 125 has a cultivated running Single cylinderthat meets the legally prescribed performance limit of 15 HP goes up and brave 12,000 tours turns. Together with the relatively low weight of 134 kilos little Suzuki has everything she needs for a lot of adrenaline. With 112 km / h the manufacturer indicates the maximum speed. That is enough for commuting and fun excursions. SECTION and Euro 4 are standard. Price: 4690 euros.

Aprilla SX 125: uncompromising driving machine from Italy

125: motorcycles for drivers, part 3

The chassis is tight, the translation short, the equipment sparse: this Aprilia is a driving test!

Who is called after a comparable with the Suzuki Driving machine addiction, but likes to sit more upright and therefore much more relaxed, could Aprilia find it. The Italians have it Vest pocket supermoto Aprilia SX 125 on offer. She also excites them 15 HP fully and runs according to the manufacturer 110 km / h fast. That tight landing gear, the agile Handling and the rather meager equipment of the SX 125 fits into the picture – this is about pure driving pleasure. Aprilia has the engine compared to the sisters RS and Tuono translated shorter. That brings more pep. There is one in the front Upside down fork, rear one Shock absorber. Front wheelSECTION and Euro 4 also belong to the package. The SX 125 makes everyone happy who likes to shred around the corners, but with flaws in the Manufacturing quality be able to live. Price: 3730 euros.

Peugeot Pulsion 125: Comfortable cruiser for the city

125: motorcycles for drivers, part 3

The Peugeot Pulsion 125 impresses above all with its proverbial driving comfort.

Comfort-conscious people prefer the medium-sized ones Roller Peugeot Pulsion 125. Is switched by Variator. So that’s it Couple when moving off at the traffic lights and the emulsion starts moving in a relaxed manner. The Peugeot Pulsion is considered as well handy how solid. It was newly developed and is built in France. Be Single cylinder bring it up 14.4 hp. The engine should go through its cultivated run award and with scarce three liters of fuel consume relatively little. According to the manufacturer, the top speed is included 108 km / h. Are here too SECTION and Euro 4 Default. Positive: the manageable Seat height of 79 centimeters. Even smaller people can cope with this. Price: 4949 euros.

Yamaha YS 125: Ideal for commuting

125: motorcycles for drivers, part 3

The Yamaha YS 125 is a friend of all commuters. It is light and drives pleasantly far.

It is particularly easy to use Yamaha YS 125. The bike only weighs 129 kilograms and starts 18 inch wheelsthat are hardly thicker than mountain bike tires. Effortless handling and problem-free maneuvering could be important buying arguments, especially for commuters who often travel in narrow cities. With the 10.6 hp The Japanese woman will probably not be able to win any races, but the fuel consumption is limited. Out 14 liters tank capacity the Yamaha YS 125 does more than 400 kilometers Range. Euro 4 is standard, unfortunately “only” is the composite brake CBS on board. Price: 2799 euros.


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