Bill Gates would like to avert the climate catastrophe together with VW

Herbert Diess and Bill Gates could soon work together on climate protection.

Herbert Diess and Bill Gates could soon work together on climate protection.

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Cooperation offer via LinkedIn and Twitter: It was a somewhat unusual offer that billionaire and entrepreneur Bill Gates communicated to VW boss Herbert Diess on Thursday night.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates published his new book “How we prevent the climate catastrophe” on February 16. In it, he gives concrete proposals for solutions as to how greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced to zero in good time in all relevant areas and branches of industry.

Herbert Diess, the CEO of the VW Group, was visibly impressed by the approaches to damage limitation. The Austrian published a selfie on LinkedIn and Twitter in which he is smiling and holding the book in his hand. In the text, he also gives a reading recommendation. “Bill Gates shows how the fight against climate change can work,” writes the manager. There are also numerous connections to the VW group. One of them is that the car manufacturer is demanding a cross-sector binding CO2 price. At the beginning of February Diess even demanded in a tweet that the price per ton emitted should be quadrupled from 25 to 100 euros.

Gates hopes for courageous CEOs

Tech billionaire Bill Gates shared Herbert Diess’ contribution and thanked him for the kind words. “I hope that I can work with VW to build the clean technology markets that the world needs,” he said. In order to avert the climate catastrophe, courageous managing directors are needed who are now making bold decisions. The head of the auto company tweeted Gates’ response, but has not yet commented on it.

Microsoft is already a VW partner

But it wouldn’t be the first collaboration between VW and one of Bill Gates’ numerous companies. On the one hand, both Microsoft and the VW Group are involved in the start-up Quantumscape, which is working successfully on efficient and high-performance solid-state batteries. Last December, the company, which was founded in 2010, published promising test results that indicated that its battery technology was less sensitive to cold, faster charging processes and longer ranges. In addition, the Wolfsburg-based company and Microsoft have been working together on one of the largest cloud systems in the automotive sector since 2018, which is intended to help develop and test autonomous driving. Almost three weeks ago, VW announced that this cooperation would be deepened. With the help of Microsoft’s cloud and data services “Azure”, the work processes at VW’s subsidiary are to be accelerated.


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