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Billie Eilish breaks record with photo shoot, which she previously opposed

Forget the Billie Eilish with green hair in baggy clothes. In the new British Vogue she can be seen in an immediately acclaimed sexy shoot with platinum blonde hair. Everything she was so up against before, but who said you have to be consistent in life?

Moreover, the singer does have a message with this shoot, with which she also broke an Instagram record. “It’s about what makes you feel good.”

Billie Eilish and body shaming

The now 19-year-old Billie Eilish spoke out several times against it body shaming and sexism in the music industry. The singer: “I don’t want the world to know everything about me. That is also why I always wear large and baggy clothes. No one can have an opinion about my body, because no one knows what’s under my clothes. ” She said this in an interview after a campaign with Calvin Klein. “No one can say, ‘Oh, she’s thin or fat, she’s not thin or fat, she’s got a flat butt, she’s got a big butt. Nobody can say all that because they don’t know. ”

Surprising Vogue shoot with Billie Eilish

Now the singer has apparently turned 180 degrees, but the message is still there. “Whether or not you show off your body and skin, it shouldn’t take any respect from you,” said Billie Eilish in an interview on the shoot. Vogue. “I like the photos and I loved doing this shoot. Do whatever you want, whenever you want. Fuck everything else. ”

Clear language, and she will continue for a while. “I thought I would be disgusted with my new hair color, but I have to admit that I feel more feminine with these blonde locks.” She also spoke with Vogue about personal choices, fear, pleasure, women’s bodies, consent and, above all, trust. Read the complete interview with Billie Eilish here.

Record on Instagram

On to the shoot in Vogue, who surprised friend and foe. Less surprisingly, Billie Eilish broke an Instagram record with her new and stripped-down look. The first photo she shared got 1 million likes faster than any other post in Instagram’s history. After exactly 6 minutes, the counter was at a million. Check out more photos below.

With her shoot in Vogue may Billie Eilish have broken a record, she will attach even more value to her bizarre Spotify record, which she achieved with her music. Read more about this in this article.

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Billie Eilish breaks record with photo shoot, which she previously opposed


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