Billie Eilish loses 100,000 followers on Instagram due to drawings of breasts

Singer Billie Eilish has recently lost several thousand followers on Instagram. The only reason for that are the drawings of breasts that she shared on her Story. But it doesn’t look like she will miss those followers.

Billie Eilish is by no means a prude herself, but quite a few of her followers were. And Billie has now lost those followers after she shared one photo of some of the sketches she made.


Billie asked her followers on Instagram what they wanted to see. Someone asked her to share the background of her smartphone. The photo clearly showed bare breasts. Then someone asked to see a drawing that Billie is proud of. The singer shared drawings of – yes – breasts. It was then that Billie herself noticed her “breast obsession” and shared with the photo, “Lol, I love breasts.” And not everyone was happy with that.

Twitter user @sneezeandpepsi commented that Billie had lost 100,000 followers on Instagram after sharing the photo. @sneezeandpepsi shared screenshots of Billie’s Instagram profile before and after the Story, showing that Billie’s followers had dropped from 73 million to 72.9 million.


And that tweet had not escaped Billie herself. So, all Billie Eilish-wise, she gave her opinion of the people who unfollowed her. She shared a screenshot of the tweet on her Instagram Story with the message: “LMFAOOO, you are babies. ”

Billie is still proud of her sketches of breasts and thus does not seem to care about the “babies” among her followers that she lost because of them.


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