Billie Eilish no longer follows anyone on Instagram and Twitter: What’s going on?

Watchful fans have noticed that Billie Eilish has systematically reduced the list of people she follows on Instagram and Twitter to zero. However, the world star recently followed about 600 people. What’s happening?

Billie Eilish has a horde of fans behind him. And that can also be seen on Instagram. The singer has almost 65 million followers on the social media platform. And until recently, Billie Eilish himself also followed about 600 accounts. Until recently, because that horde of fans has noticed that the last figure is now at 0.

Social media cleanse

Twitter was flooded with reports of the singer’s action. One of them called it a “social media cleanse, And claimed that Billie Eilish had made an Instagram Story calling for her to let her know if she “followed your abuser.”

Elgort, Bieber and Brown

That story has since been removed, but one of the fans of Billie Eilish was able to take a screenshot. “If I follow your abuser, send me a message and I will unfollow it,” it says.

According to fans, this includes actor Ansel Elgort, singers Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, and rapper XXXTentacion. They were all (recently) accused of sexual abuse.

Lana Del Rey

Meanwhile, Billie Eilish no longer follows anyone. But during that process, at one point, only one account remained that the singer followed: Lana Del Rey’s.

At another time, that one person was on the skinny list of singer Lorde, another fan noted.

The singer also does not follow anyone on Twitter. Since that is the case, Billie Eilish has not posted anything anymore. So we will have to wait a little longer before we get an official answer to our questions.


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