Billie Eilish shares photos in sexy lingerie with an important message

We knew Billie Eilish for years from her black-green hair and baggy clothes, but those times now seem to be over for good. Billie changed her hair color and now she has also put her baggy clothes away for a photo shoot with Vogue. And the result is a series of beautiful photos, with an equally beautiful meaning.

Billie Eilish is all the way back from never really being gone. Last week she launched her latest single Your Power and her second studio album ‘Happier Than Ever’ will be released at the end of July. And now the singer also presents a beautiful photoshoot in which we get to see her as we have never seen her before.


Billie Eilish instagram story
Instagram Story billieeilish

The photos of Billie Eilish are part of an interview that the singers did with Vogue. It was about showing your body and being proud of it. On her Instagram Story, she shared a passage from that interview with a photo of the cover. “Suddenly you are a hypocrite because you want to show your body. And you are easy and a slut and a whore. If I am, then I am proud of it. Myself and all the other girls are whores and f * ck it. Do you know? Let’s reverse that and get strength from it. Showing your body and skin – or choosing not to – shouldn’t take any respect from you. ”

It is an important message that Billie has been conveying for some time. She has often talked about body image in the past and how it is not up to others to form an opinion about her body. For that reason, Billie decided for years to hide her body under baggy clothes. The few times that the singer was spotted without those baggy clothes, there were a lot of reactions on her body. But she doesn’t care about that anymore. Where she used to have problems with her own body, she is now clearly happy about herself and proud of her body.

Also in the post on her Instagram Feed, Billie shared a short but clear message. “I love these photos and I loved doing this shoot. Do what you want when you want f * ck all the rest.”

Instagram record

With the photos, Billie immediately broke her own Instagram record. The first photo in the series got one million likes in less than six minutes. With that she set her previous record, which she achieved with the first photos of her blonde hair, sharply.

Check out Billie Eilish’s photos for Vogue here:


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