Billie Eilish shows off new hair color on Instagram

When you think of Billie Eilish, you quickly think of her iconic black-fluorescent green hair. But that is no longer. The singer has a new hair color and a new cut. It looks a lot more “normal” than we are used to from her, but she still looks just as radiant.

Singer Billie Eilish has changed her hair color for the first time in almost two years. That was the longest time the singer had the same hair color. But now she is going for a drastic change. A new era has dawned, she said, and that includes a new look.

Blonde Billie

The Grammys were awarded last Sunday. There Billie received two awards, including the coveted Grammy for Record of the Year. During the show there were already rumors about a new hair color of the singer. Fans then noted that Billie was constantly wearing headgear and her hair looked fuller than usual. As a result, they suspected that the singer was wearing a wig during the award ceremony. And now they are proved right.

On Instagram, Billie first shared a video showing her new blonde hair in the air. Then she also shared a photo where we can see a bit more of her new hair color and cut. It’s quite a transformation, but Billie still looks radiant.

“Mentally stable”

In December, Billie responded to a comment on her Instagram that said: “Grass head needs a new color ”. Billie then said, “That doesn’t have to be depressed anymore, please be happy for me. This is the longest I’ve had the same hair color since I was 13 and that’s mental stability and growth. Leave me alone.”

But after that, Billie also responded that she would change her hair soon. “I’m going to change my hair when the documentary is out. It will be the end of an age, so I will give you a new age. ” And that new era has now arrived. The documentary Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry appeared on Apple TV + on Feb. 26. So Billie now keeps her promise. We don’t want to know how many hours she spent at the hairdresser to get the green and black out of her hair, but the end result is impressive.


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