Billion claim against banks for overpayment of interest

The interest group Qollect thus threatens to prepare a claim. The issue revolves around so-called variable interest rates and relates to all types of credit, such as revolving credits, mortgages and overdrafts. It is estimated that approximately eight million Dutch consumers are disadvantaged, according to Qollect.

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“Variable interest means that the interest you pay rises when the market interest rate rises and falls when the market interest rate falls,” says Adriaan de Gier, lawyer specializing in damage claims and co-founder of Qollect. “The first banks have been happy to do, but by lowering the interest rate they have largely disregarded it.”

Earlier this week, ABN Amro, in consultation with the Consumers’ Association, came to a settlement for overpaid interest for revolving credit. The bank set aside 250 million euros for this. According to De Gier, that amount does not yet cover 15 percent of what the bank should actually pay.

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According to him, the banks of business customers are waiting for the same claim. According to De Gier, this involves even larger amounts than the 16.7 billion euros.

Claimclub Qollect was recently founded. The club hopes that 5000 affected consumers will report. They can register for free, but have to pay a percentage of the proceeds if they win. In a settlement, it is 10 percent, in a lawsuit it is double.

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