Birthday Nikkie Plessen treats to kilos of fries and chicken nuggets

On Nikkie’s Instagram page you can see that she was well pampered by her team yesterday. On a video Nikkie walks into her office, after which she immediately starts to giggle when she sees what the surprise is. Her entire office is decorated with glitter, balloons and a super extravagant birthday cake, with a pump on it. “Oh my god. This is fun, isn’t it ?!” Nikkie says enthusiastically.

“I love this so much,” Nikkie writes with her post on Instagram. “What a surprise and again I didn’t realize anything at all.” Nikkie is of course not the worst and decided to treat her entire team to her own favorite food from a certain fast food chain. “A treat for your birthday,” Nikkie writes with a photo of kilos of fries and chicken nuggets.

Nowadays, Nikkie often stands by the hockey field on weekends to encourage daughter Jolie. She supports her son Alain in his passion for racing. Would he be the new Max Verstappen? You can see more about it in the video below.


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