Bitcoin falls below $20,000, GPUs get cheaper

Cryptocurrency prices continued to fall dramatically over the weekend, but are now recovering somewhat. Due to the dwindling profitability of crypto mining, GPUs are becoming significantly cheaper.

At the weekend, the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ether fell again quite sharply. Bitcoin even fell below 20,000 US dollars – but the cryptos are currently recovering somewhat from their low.

However, a trend can be clearly seen. For example, on June 14, 2022, we reported that the Bitcoin was below 22,000 euros. The cryptocurrency is currently at around 19,000 euros (19,347 euros / 20,351 US dollars).


Bitcoin falls below $27,000 – Ether below $2000


Bitcoin below 22,000 euros – reasons for the crypto crisis

Mining becomes negative business in the USA

The falling cryptocurrencies also have an impact on the graphics card market. As Tom’s Hardware reports, GPU prices in the US fell by around 15 percent in May 2022. As the profitability of GPU mining has dropped drastically, this trend is set to continue.

We will also be able to feel this positive price development for the end customer in Germany, albeit more slowly than in the USA. You can read more about this topic in our related article:

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