Bizarre reality show searches for ‘ideal’ sperm donor

Kristy Katzmann is not looking for love, but for a potential father of her baby. In Labor of Love we see her in her quest for the perfect sperm donor among the 15 men who signed up for the program. With Sex & The Cityactress Kristin at the head as a presenter premiered the series in America yesterday and has sparked a lot.

“I think a lot of women are in the same position as me,” explains Kristy about her choice to participate in the program. “It may seem absurd, but it is very recognizable.” During the first episode, she visits a fertility specialist and is introduced to the 15 potential dads. It gets even crazier: the men think they are looking for love, but are there to start a family.

Should love arise during the program, Kristy can still enter into a relationship with one of the men. It is clear from the trailer that ‘love is optional, but delivery is necessary.’ Whether and when Labor of Love is to be seen in the Netherlands, it is as yet unclear. Gaby Blaaser is looking for love in her program The Bachelorette, which can be seen from now on at Videoland. You can see all about it in the video below.


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