Bizzey and Famke Louise argue in Ranking the Stars

Bizzey was the manager of Famke Louise for a long time, until she broke off the cooperation and decided to hire Ali B. as manager. The quarrel that followed was closely followed by the media, but now everything seems to be together again. Paul asks if this is the first time that the two have seen each other since the incident, but that is not the case according to the rapper.

J├Ârgen Rayman then takes the plunge and asks the man what the reason for the break was: “Was he a dick or you a bitch?” To which Bizzey has only one answer: “Every dick needs a bitch.” Later in the broadcast, the former collaboration is discussed again. Bizzey even describes Famke Louise as ‘a good cause’. When the accountant of Bizzey is subsequently discussed, it appears that Famke has also put this man aside. “I have a really good one money guy. Famke left him. “

According to the Vroem singer, this is because she was not allowed to look into her own accounts. When Karin Bloemen tells a story about bankruptcy, Bizzey gives another stab: “Famke was already bankrupt when I met her.” Paul then intervenes and closes the discussion by standing behind Famke’s choice.

Ranking the Stars can be seen every Wednesday evening at 8:30 PM on RTL 5 and Videoland.

Donny Roelvink also had a hard time, you can see that below.


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