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Black Friday 2020: Don’t miss out on these Disney + deals

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Since the introduction of Disney Plus in Germany in spring 2020, the streaming market in this country has become significantly richer. So there is finally a service that offers all films and series from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic in one package. The wide range of content that you can stream on the platform includes timeless classics such as the cartoons of your childhood as well as exciting new in-house productions such as “The Mandalorian”. No question about it: Disney Plus is an absolute must for film fans.

Disney Plus: These are the Black Friday deals Weekend

If you don’t have a subscription to what is probably the most magical streaming service on the internet, that could change soon. Reason: For Black Friday, Disney Plus has two potentially exciting offers for new customers. What are the offers?

Offer 1: Annual subscription to Disney Plus

Annual subscription for Disney Plus – 69.99 euros *

The first Black Friday offer from Disney Plus sounds pretty good at first. The streaming service advertises that it is offering a 15 percent discount on the annual subscription *. This means that you only pay 69.99 euros for it, which corresponds to 5.83 euros per month. For comparison: the monthly subscription costs 6.99 euros each. In fact, this is not a special Black Friday offer, because Disney Plus offers the annual subscription at a special price. However, if you plan to use the service anyway, we recommend that you take an annual subscription, as this means that Disney Plus is free for almost two months.

Offer 2: give away an annual subscription

Give away an annual subscription for Disney Plus – 69.99 euros *

And the second Black Friday offer? This is a variation of the first deal. Here, too, it’s about the annual subscription, only that you don’t get it for yourself, but give it away. The voucher for one year Disney Plus also costs 69.99 euros * and the same conditions apply as for the regular annual subscription. But be careful: You will not receive a gift card, but simply give the contact details of the lucky person who will receive the gift when you take out the subscription. This person then receives a voucher code by email, which they can then redeem when creating a new user account.

Conclusion: what good are the Disney Plus Black Friday deals?

Black Friday is the discount day par excellence. On average, consumers can save around 18.5 percent on the shopping event. This was the result of an investigation of the browser extension Honey. So would we have wished for real discounts from Disney Plus? Yes. Is that why we are disappointed? Maybe a little bit. But in view of the fact that the offer with the annual subscription * is already pretty generous, we want to forgive the streaming service again and are instead happy that we can now give away Disney Plus with a voucher code *.

Looking for more deals? Here are the current offers from your favorite shops:

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