Black Friday 2021: Here you can save up to 50 percent on new cars

On Black Friday 2021 there will be huge discounts again. Recently, great bargains have also been luring in when it comes to buying a car. Most providers do not limit themselves to Black Friday itself, which is November 26th this year, but sometimes offer high discounts or special deals throughout November.

Save up to 50 percent on new cars at

At there are special new car deals with particularly high savings throughout November. Sometimes there is a discount of more than 50 percent! This also includes many electric cars and hybrids. An overview of the 20 models that can save the most, You will find here. They are also up-to-date there five interesting leasing offers to find. This also includes the best-selling electric car in Europe, the Tesla Model 3. The purchase price for the entry-level model with Rear wheel drive and a range of 491 kilometers according to WLTP is 46,560 euros before the subsidy for e-cars is deducted. At, you can get the Model 3 as a Black Friday leasing deal for as little as 397 euros per month (including 10,000 free kilometers per year). For everyone who prefers to buy instead of lease, AUTO BILD has put together the five most interesting purchase offers at here. (Here you can find important information about buying a new car on the Internet!)

1. Skoda Enyaq iV from 22,714 euros

Skoda offers its Enyaq electric SUV with an output between 148 and 265 hp, with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive and with three different battery sizes. They enable WLTP ranges between 340 and 510 kilometers. The whole thing for a very fair starting price of 33,800 euros. As part of Black Friday, is even cheaper. The highest savings are on the top model, the Enyaq iV 80X with 265 hp, all-wheel drive and a range of 460 kilometers (WLTP). You can save up to 12,860 euros including a subsidy here (Attention: The transfer costs can reduce the discount by a few hundred euros). Instead of 47,000 euros, the electric car now costs just 34,990 euros. The best offers for the base, the 148 hp Enyaq iV 50, start at just 22,714 euros.

Black Friday deals

Skoda Enyaq iV

Buy Skoda Enyaq at a discount at

In the Black Friday weeks, the Skoda Enyaq is available for up to 12,860 euros under RRP at (As of: 11/17/2021)

2. Hyundai Ioniq 5 from 31,292 euros

With the Ioniq 5, Hyundai has brought fast 800-volt charging technology into an affordable price range. With a quick charger, the battery is 80 percent full again in 18 minutes, regardless of whether you have the 58 or the 72.6 kWh battery on board. Even the base has an output of 170 hp, it comes with rear-wheel drive and the smaller battery. It enables a range of 384 kilometers according to WLTP. The basic version of the Ioniq 5 actually costs at least 41,900 euros, but has it from 31,292 euros. You can save even more with the most powerful model in the highest configuration “Uniq” with 305 hp, all-wheel drive and a larger battery that enables a range of up to 460 kilometers. 60,750 euros are then in the price list. Actually, because at you can save 3720 euros in addition to the environmental bonus (note: the transfer costs can reduce the discount by a few hundred euros), the best offers for the Top-Ioniq 5 start at 48,459 euros.

Black Friday deals

Carwow Hyundai Ioniq 5th

Buy Hyundai Ioniq 5 at a discount at

In the Black Friday weeks, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is available for up to 13,290 euros under RRP at (As of: 11/17/2021)

3. VW Multivan from 39,561 euros

The new Multivan is not yet at the dealerships, but you can already pre-order it. And save a lot at the same time! For Black Friday 2021 it is up to 15,740 euros cheaper at (Attention: The transfer costs can reduce the discount by a few hundred euros). The biggest discount is for the plug-in hybrids with 218 HP system power and 48 kilometers range (WLTP) in the “Style” equipment with a long overhang. Standard features include three-zone air conditioning, matrix LEDs, 17-inch models and electric sliding doors. The Multivan is in the price list from 69,705 euros. The best offers are available from 54,964 euros. And savings can also be made on the basis. There are five individual seats, two sliding doors and a ten-inch infotainment display as well as a digital cockpit on board ex works. A 1.5-liter gasoline engine with 136 hp, coupled as standard to a seven-speed DSG, provides propulsion. The MSRP for the basic Multivan is 44,840 euros, the best offers are available from 39,561 euros – a saving of 5279 euros.

Black Friday deals

CarWow VW Multivan

Buy a VW Multivan at a discount at

In the Black Friday weeks, the VW Multivan is available for up to 15,740 euros at RRP at (As of: 11/17/2021)

4. Cupra Formentor from 28,174 euros

As befits Seat’s sports brand, the brand’s first independent model has a very aggressive design with a lot of black in the interior. In addition with the typical copper-colored accents inside and out. On the engine side, the Cupra Formentor is offered with petrol engines between 150 and 310 hp, a 150 hp diesel and as a plug-in hybrid in two power levels (204 and 245 hp). The highest savings are on the more powerful hybrid, which comes as standard in the sportier VZ equipment with bucket seats, 19-inch wheels and adaptive chassis. Up to 13,002 euros including the subsidy are deducted from the RRP (Attention: The transfer costs can reduce the discount by a few hundred euros). Instead of 44,120 euros, the best offers at cost 31,938 euros. Naturally, the discount on the base is not that high, but there are also good deals here: The Formentor with 1.5 TSI (150 PS) and six-speed gearbox actually costs 32,600 euros – but has it from 28,174 Euro.

Black Friday deals

Cupra Formentor e-Hybrid - assembly

Buy Cupra Formentor at a discount at

During the Black Friday weeks, the Cupra Formentor is available for up to 13,002 euros at RRP at (As of: 11/17/2021)

5. Smart EQ fortwo from 10,871 euros

In the Black Friday weeks at, the Smart EQ fortwo (click here for purchase advice) is almost a bargain. Here you sometimes save half the list price. In the basic version, the 82 hp two-seater is available from 10,771 euros, normally it costs 21,940 euros. To be fair, it has to be said that a large part of the savings comes from the environmental bonus. In the case of the highest equipment line “prime”, there is a clearer discount added to the promotion: 2574 euros (note: the transfer costs can reduce the discount by a few hundred euros). Normally the EQ fortwo costs 24,740 euros as “prime”, at the best offers start at only 13,291 euros. The equipment includes 16-inch alloy wheels and leather seats with heated seats. The range for all variants is a maximum of 153 kilometers. The quick charging function is only available for an extra charge of 990 euros, then the Smart can be charged to 80 percent again in 40 minutes at a corresponding charging station.

Black Friday deals

CarWow Smart EQ fortwo

Buy Smart EQ fortwo at a discount at

In the Black Friday weeks, the Smart EQ fortwo is available for up to 12,144 euros under RRP at (As of: 11/17/2021)

Hyundai gives a discount of up to 8500 euros

At Hyundai you can save on many models until November 26th. The highest price reduction is available on the Santa Fe SUV as a 230 hp hybrid, with up to 8500 euros in it. With the Kona, Hyundai offers discounts directly on all drive variants, that is up to 3750 euros for the pure combustion engine, a maximum of 4500 euros for the hybrid and as much as 10,500 euros for the Kona electric – but this includes the state subsidy for electric cars. You can also save on the Tucson (up to 4250 euros) or the compact i30 (up to 4000 euros), for example. You can find an overview of all models and the savings here.

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